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4 Reasons Why AKC Registration is SO Important

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You’ve brought home a new bundle of fur, Congratulations! But why would you want to register your new puppy with the American Kennel Club if it is just a pet? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or seen this question asked by new pet parents. Well, the AKC does a lot more than just keeping a dog registry. What they do behind the scenes is why AKC registration is so important.

The American Kennel Club, founded in 1884, it is the oldest and most reliable dog registry in existence in the United States. Being committed to the health and sport of dogs nationwide the AKC grew to become the most trusted organization among dog owners and breeders. With over $38 million donated to canine health research and $7 million to pet disaster relief the AKC is always giving back to the dog community and that is what your registration fee is going towards.

What The AKC Does For the Dog Community

Kennel Inspections

Puppy mills avoid AKC registrations.
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Many may think that kennel inspections are a invasion but most breeders are aware of the policy and welcome inspections as a chance to improve and learn. These inspections are intended to ensure the care, conditions, and of course records that the AKC breeder provide are up to their standard protecting the integrity of the registry, consequently inspections discourage a vast majority of puppy mills from registering their puppies with the AKC. Since 2000, the AKC has conducted over 70,000 inspections throughout the United States. If major deficiencies are found in the breeders program they may loose their ability to compete or register dogs with the AKC. The AKC will alert local authorities if any evidence is found of animal cruelty.

The AKC Registration Helps Improve Canine Health

Research is so important to treating and preventing canine diseases and AKC registration funds help our dogs live longer healthier lives.
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The AKC Canine Health Foundation started back in 1995. More than $56 million has been invested in research and educational grants and canine health projects. This research has been invaluable to breeders and owners alike. Through this vital work dogs are able to live longer happier lives.

Government Relations Rely on Every AKC Registration

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Ever wonder who stands up against unfair canine legislation? Well you can thank the AKC for that as well. The AKC Department of Government Relations is working endlessly trying to ensure laws pertaining to dog ownership and breeding are fair, enforceable, and non-discriminatory as well as educating the public about issues that may impact them. Here in New York over 200 bills were introduced that may have impacted dog owners and breeders in 2019 alone. The AKC works tirelessly to make sure the rights of dog owners and breeders are protected. Each and every AKC registration is important to the continuation of these programs.

Pet Disaster Relief

Pets are often stranded after a disaster and need help too! AKC registrations help pets in need.

I remeber watching videos of Hurricane Katrina and the many floods that threatened the lives of countless people. Those of us not affected directly by a natural disaster, or any disaster for that matter, seem to quickly forget about its impact. We need to remeber it’s not a matter of if but when and where the next disaster is going to strike, but the AKC is at the ready with stocked trailers. Filled with essential non-perishable supplies these trailers are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice making portable shelters and reunion centers for displaced animals.  Not only does the AKC help local Emergency Management Services care for displaced pets right after a disaster but it goes a step further. Any equipment donated by the AKC Pet Disaster Relief then becomes the property of the effected municipality to use during the next emergency.

The AKC is always trying to make the lives of dogs and their owners the best they can be and being a non-profit organization, they depend on all donations and the registry fees to make sure they can continue protecting and caring for our canine companions. Without funding we may see a decline in the progression of treating illnesses and many other areas in which the AKC fights hard for our furry friends. It may seem miniscule but each AKC registration is important! We never know when we will need their help.

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