Canva Pug Crossbreed Dog

7 Reasons to Brush Your Dog Daily?

Canva Grooming Equipment For Dogs
Grooming Equipment For Dogs

Dreaded dog hair! It never stops. What if I told you there was a way to drastically lower the amount of dog hair tumbleweeds roaming around your house right now and improve your dog’s health too? It’s not a long forgotten about secret or a new age technological marvel. There’s a very simple solution to help you improve your relationship with dog hair, BRUSH YOUR DOG DAILY! You will be amazed at the transformation.

I’m not sure where it started or who decided but it has long been recommended to brush dogs once a week, and if their coat is short, they probably could go longer. As a result many dog owners take their dogs to the groomer weekly and feel that this is sufficient. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the groomers a good groomer is worth their price in gold, but they don’t replace what you should be doing at home every day! Um, HARD NO! and here’s why.

Prevents Matting

Canva Woman combs old Golden Retriever dog with a metal grooming comb
Old Golden retriever dog grooming

This is especially important for longer haired dog breeds since they are prone to knots and mats. Mats are just tangled up clumps of fur, and if left untreated they can grow to encompass large areas needing to be shaved off entirely. Mats tug at the hair causing sores that are extremely painful and will progressively worsen. the sores will eventually open and begin to ooze attracting nasty bugs.  Daily brushing will catch knots and matts early before they become any issue. You do need to make sure with heavily coated dogs that you make sure to brush the undercoat thoroughly as well.   

Examinate While You Brush Your Dog Daily

Canva woman using a comb brush the siberian husky puppy
Asian woman using a comb brush the siberian husky puppy

By brushing your dog every day you will notice when abnormalities come up since you are more familiar with him. Cuts, abnormal lumps and bumps, and other skin issue can creep up rather quickly and most of the time are nothing to be concerned about, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Have your vet check out anything concerning on your dogs’ skin. Dogs, just like people, can get melanoma and other skin cancers

Social Grooming

Canva Pug Crossbreed Dog
Two cute Pug and Pekingese mixed breed dogs laying together – one licking the ears of the other

This is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your dog! Who could say no to that? Social grooming is a way in which wild canines build bonds, it’s no different with your dog. Even though we try to personify them quite often they are still dogs and enjoy a lot of the same things their wild counterparts do. Brushing your dog daily will strengthen your bond and deepen his level of trust in you.

Promotes healthy Skin

Canva Itchy dog try to scratching its skin.
Pet ‘s skin health.

Daily brushing is great for your dog’sfur for the same reason it’s good to brush your hair! Brushing distributes oils throughout their skin and coat protected and well moisturized. Unbrushed coats will trap more moisture against their skin and consequently leave them prone to bacterial and fungal infections. It also helps exfoliate the

Fewer Baths if You Brush Dog Daily

Canva Dog grooming
Dog grooming process. Adorable American Stafford Terrier dog taking a bath in a bathtub.

Bath time is not always a fun experience and, let’s be honest, who has time to bathe dogs every time they get dirty? All your dog really needs to stay clean is a good brush through. Regular brushing will remove dirt and debris from Fido’s coat keeping him cleaner longer.

Brush Dog Daily to Reduce Shedding

Canva Dog with his tail down between legs on grooming table anxious about hair trimming
Jack Russell Terrier shows signs of stress and fear

All that loose hair will end up going somewhere! It’s either going to find a home in all around you house or nicely contained on the brush. No one like those furball tumbleweeds floating around the house so the brush is a much better option.

Gets Them Used To Being Touched

Dog happily being examined by a vet tech.

Dogs aren’t born accustomed to being handled it is something that must be taught. Brushing them daily gets them used to being handled not just pet and loved on. Touching their feet and hindend is important. The better aqauinted they are with people lifting their tail and exposing their teeth the better behaved they will be for the vet, a dog handler, and professional groomers.

When I was a kid I absolutely HATED brushing my dogs! It just seemed, to my kid brain, such a waste of time! I mean come on! They shed it out anyways and when you finish they just jump in the first pile of gross they can find. Well, obviously, that’s all still true, but nevertheless, grooming is one of the most important steps to owning a dog. Trust me this is not a fruitless task you will thank yourself in the long run. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to brush out your dog daily. With three Golden Retrievers it takes my husband and I roughly 15 minutes to get them all done in the morning. Remember this isn’t a full-on grooming session so no special tools are needed. We just use a comb and a slicker. All our other fancy tools are left for the big grooming.

In conclusion daily brusing will not only save you time in the long run but it will also keep your pup healthier and happier. They will appreciate the extra time you spend with them and so will your floors.

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