dog eating cat poop

Help! My Dog Eats Cat Poop!

Dog’s have A LOT of gross habits but eating cat poop takes the cake! It doesn’t matter how well behaved the dog is, cat poop flips some kind of switch turning your sweet Fido into a litter pirate pillaging every time get the chance. And then, like clockwork, they want to come and lick your face with breath that burns …

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Dog Farts: They Can Get Better!

Dog farts can be the stuff of nightmares! Cuddling your dog is the best therapy in the world until the tranquility is broken by the noxious odor of the dreaded dog fart! In a moment, a little puff of butt wind can ruin the whole mood. Why can a dog fart clear an entire room? We share our bedroom with …

Cryptorchidism in Dogs

Cryptorchid, Is Your Dog One?

Cryptorchidism is a common genetic condition affecting male dogs. Diagnosis an treatment are vital in preventing this benign condition becoming serious later down the road.

Tick embbeded in dog skin

Safely Removing Ticks From Your Dog

Removing ticks is probably the most disgusting task that you will ever have to do as a pet parent, at least I think so! Safely removing ticks is an important skill for you to know not just for your dog’s health, but yours as well! Ticks are evil little parasites that gross out even those with a high constitution. They …

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Tick Prevention: Importance of Year-Round Coverage

It’s easy to get really complacent about flea and tick prevention especially during the cold winter months. Don’t think just because the weather has turned on you that it is safe to let your guard down against these buggers. If you were dealing with just fleas you may honestly get away with it, but ticks on the other hand are …

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7 Reasons to Brush Your Dog Daily?

Dreaded dog hair! It never stops. What if I told you there was a way to drastically lower the amount of dog hair tumbleweeds roaming around your house right now and improve your dog’s health too? It’s not a long forgotten about secret or a new age technological marvel. There’s a very simple solution to help you improve your relationship …

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Heartworms in Dogs: Your Questions Answered

Out of the many dogs thought to be heartworm positive only a handful are ever diagnosed why? Is your dog one of them? Heartworms in dogs can be devastating to not just your dogs, but your family too! I’ve never personally met a dog with heartworms, have you? There are so many questions that are asked about heartworms it makes …

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4 Reasons Why AKC Registration is SO Important

You’ve brought home a new bundle of fur, Congratulations! But why would you want to register your new puppy with the American Kennel Club if it is just a pet? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or seen this question asked by new pet parents. Well, the AKC does a lot more than just keeping a dog …

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Is Your Dog in Shock?

The Silent Killer of Dogs After an accident or injury your dog is at risk of going into shock. Shock is the real silent killer. Many people think shock is just a dog being uncomfortable or a little stunned after a life-threatening incident, but shock is a very serious medical condition that can be caused by almost any traumatic event …

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Dog First Aid Kit, Do You Have One?

A first aid kit for your dog is a necessity for every owner. You never know when Fido is going to get himself into trouble. It should always be accessible and house versatile supplies that will be needed in a multiple of circumstances. You can buy premade first aid kits online or in pet stores but making your own is …